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Jocelynne Haslett is an experienced leader advising real estate brands around the world on technology solutions and marketing strategies to achieve business objectives.
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Brokerage Benchmark & Averages Report

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 11/22/18 3:24 PM

In order to run a profitable real estate brokerage, Brokers need to know and understand the metrics that impact the bottom line. Only then can they make profit predictable and set themselves up for long-term growth. Also, knowing how your financial metrics compare with others is invaluable when making strategic financial and operational decisions - especially if you're contemplating a merger, acquisition or exit strategy. However, many Brokers don’t know where to access accurate data to compare with or they question the reliability of the data they do have.

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What's Your Retention Carrot?

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 10/16/18 4:00 PM

Successful brokers understand that recruiting and retaining talent are essential to maximizing their growth potential. Many would agree that getting talent in the door is the easier step. It's getting them to stay for the long haul that is the challenge. It can be a significant investment of time and money to nurture and recruit top talent. The last thing you want is for your new recruit to leave prematurely. But, how do you get them to stay? What carrots, or incentives, should you dangle to cultivate loyalty among your agents? 

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Calling All Recruitment Experts!

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 9/28/18 6:37 AM

Are you a pro when it comes to recruiting talent? Do you have creative or innovative ways to attract talent and wonder why others are not doing the same? Are you willing to share your expertise with others? We're creating an eBook on recruitment strategies and seeking insight from industry experts. Help us shed light on the best strategies out there. At iBroker, we understand the ongoing challenge to recruit and retain talent and are committed to offering Brokers solutions through innovative technology and insight. 

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New iBroker At-A-Glance Video

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 8/16/18 9:20 PM

Have you heard rumblings about the new easy-to-use back office management solution on the market, but haven't had time to look into it? We understand. Not many business owners have the luxury of time to sift through online reviews or read lengthy whitepapers when searching for new software. 

That's why we've put together a quick overview video on iBroker, the simplified office administration solution for real estate. In just 90 seconds, you will have answers to many of the questions Brokers ask when trying to determine if iBroker is right for their business. 

Watch now or request a live demo.

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How Effective is Your Agent Recruitment Process?

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 7/10/18 1:38 PM

As a Broker, you know getting new talent in the door is essential to the ongoing success of your brokerage, but it can be a challenge to attract talent that will make a real difference. Although in-office perks like free daily coffee or a corner office may be compelling, they are not enough to sway the type of agents you really want to keep. You need to be more strategic and offer true value that differentiates you from the other contenders they may be considering.

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Announcing DocuSign Transaction Rooms Integration with iBroker

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 4/13/18 2:40 PM

Committed to saving you time

At iBroker, it is our goal to save Office Administrators time and offer the best experience possible when managing the day to day business of a real estate brokerage. Powered by a company with over 20 years of industry experience, we understand the challenges Office Administrators face. iBroker has been specifically designed to alleviate these challenges. This latest integration with DocuSign Transaction Rooms is a great example of this. 

iBroker is proud to announce its latest integration with the industry leading document and transaction management provider, DocuSign Transaction Rooms (DTR). DTR allows Brokers and Agents to manage their transactions effectively through a connected experience in the cloud. Shared users now enjoy a streamlined experience by easily importing DTR details into iBroker. 

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How to Triple Profits Without Raising Fees

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 3/19/18 12:52 PM

This month, Peter Mueller, CEO of The Profit Centre, and Carlos Matias, CEO of GryphTech and Creator of iBroker, held a popular Broker webinar to share what every broker needs to know about running a profitable business. Leveraging decades of industry experience, they discussed how to analyze financial and operational metrics to effectively inform business strategy and how to implement a killer strategy proven to increase profitability.

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iBroker & The Profit Centre - We're Better Together

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 2/17/18 6:44 PM

Increase Profits with iBroker and The Profit Centre

iBroker, a powerful real estate brokerage back office management application by GryphTech Inc., has partnered with leading business evaluation software company, The Profit Centre, to offer insight and tools Brokers need to run an efficient and profitable business.

Shared customers enjoy a streamlined workflow between applications bringing together financial, operational and analytical tools that offer real-time insights integral to a growing and profitable brokerage. Together, Brokers benefit from a one-of-a-kind back office solution that is not only easy to use, but provides the clarity needed to increase profitability.

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GryphTech Enters Market for Brokerage Back Office Software

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 1/2/18 1:09 PM

As seen featured in the latest issue of REM Magazine...

GryphTech, a real estate data and franchise software firm, has entered the North American brokerage market with iBroker back office management software.

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The 4 Myths of Using Spreadsheets to Manage Your Back Office

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 11/27/17 1:29 PM

Are You Using Spreadsheets to Manage Your Back Office?

If so, have you considered the opportunity costs of doing so? For a growing brokerage, using a tool like Excel to manage office finances and administration may not only be inefficient, but risky too.

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