How to Triple Profits Without Raising Fees

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 3/19/18 12:52 PM
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This month, Peter Mueller, CEO of The Profit Centre, and Carlos Matias, CEO of GryphTech and Creator of iBroker, held a popular Broker webinar to share what every broker needs to know about running a profitable business. Leveraging decades of industry experience, they discussed how to analyze financial and operational metrics to effectively inform business strategy and how to implement a killer strategy proven to increase profitability.


Benchmarking Profitability - Profit Centre and iBroker Webinar -

Watch and learn:

  • How you should define business profitability
  • The most important metric of your business
  • How your brokerage compares relative to your peers
  • The Killer Strategy - How we tripled profits without raising fees
  • How the right software choice can boost profitability

"Gross Profit Per Realtor (GPPR) is THE most important metric of your business."

Are you tracking this?
If not, watch the webinar to learn why you should.

For more information on iBroker, request a demo at or call 1.833.8BROKER.


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