Global Broker-Owner Survey

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 7/23/20 3:29 PM

How are you faring amidst the pandemic?

PropTech Solutions, our parent company, is conducting a survey of real estate Broker-Owners and Office Managers around the globe to better understand your unique experiences relating to the pandemic. Our goal is to publish a global report based on the collective insights, such as the pandemic’s impact on buyer demand, property prices, agent recruitment and retention, and technology investment. With a sufficient sample size, we intend to share the report with industry media and participants to offer a distinct global viewpoint.

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iBroker Sample Report Pack - Free Download

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 11/6/19 1:35 PM

Business Insights to Manage & Grow Your Business

As the simplified office administration solution for real estate, iBroker offers brokers a refreshingly easy way to manage business financials and operations. iBroker's report options have been carefully selected based on Broker demand and business value. With valuable Broker input, we've simplified the reporting module in favour of quality and ease-of-use over quantity and complexity. With iBroker, you get the reports you need to effectively manage operations and provide the necessary insights to improve productivity and profitability, i.e. know your brokerage's breakeven point and your most and least profitable agents. iBroker reports also simplify office administrative tasks and help control the financial operations of your agents.

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iBroker is Backed by a Top 10 PropTech Solution Provider!

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 8/21/19 3:33 PM

iBroker Leverages the Expertise of its Internationally Recognized Parent Company

PropTech Solutions is the holding company of GryphTech, the creator of iBroker. In August 2019, PropTech Solutions was recognized as a Top 10 PropTech Solution Provider by the esteemed selection committee of CIO Applications Europe and was the featured cover story in the PropTech Special Edition Magazine. In the Magazine, CEO & Founder, Carlos Matias, is celebrated for his leadership and expertise as he shares his story of innovation and growth. Read article here.

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This Broker lost all his data. See what he did next...

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 6/4/19 3:50 PM

Can you imagine losing ALL of your brokerage data?

How would you be able to continue business? Would you know how to troubleshoot a solution? It's certainly a nightmare that no Broker wants to experience. Unfortunately, this happened to Cameron Keegan, a well-respected and successful Broker/Owner in Simpsonville, SC.

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Frustrated with Your Back Office Software? Give iBroker a Try and Save Today ($ & Your Sanity)!

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 5/23/19 2:34 PM

Do either of these statements describe you?

  • "I'm frustrated with my back office software. There's gotta be a better way."
  • "I know I can't scale my business using Excel to manage my financials, but I don't want to take on complex software in its place."

If you answered "yes", then we have a solution for you! After 22 years of refining technology to help the world's largest real estate brands grow, we understand your challenges. We know how important it is for brokerage technology to be both powerful AND easy to use; to be a time saver, not a time waster. iBroker was purpose-built to do just that. 

iBroker is the simplified office administration solution for real estate.

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How Much Time Do Experts Suggest Working On Your Business vs. In Your Business?

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 5/14/19 12:52 PM

You've probably heard that as the owner of a business, you should be spending more time working on your business vs. in your business, but what does this really mean? It appears to be a cliche that is accepted but not well understood. Let's take a look at what this means as a Broker-Owner and compare the ideal to the reality in today's brokerages.

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Mastering Office Communication - Are You Missing the Mark?

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 4/16/19 3:23 PM

As a Broker, whether you're communicating to your offices, agents or direct to home buyers or sellers, the key to getting the results you desire lies not just in the content of your message, but in your delivery too. Your ability to leverage technology to effectively communicate is increasingly important in our digital culture. It can improve office and agent productivity, generate opportunities, and maximize your growth potential.

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Seven Industry Leaders Weigh-In on The Best Low Cost Recruitment Tactics [Free Download]

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 2/28/19 3:32 PM

At iBroker, we understand the multitude of challenges facing brokerages today. Recruiting and retaining agents is certainly one of the most important, given the direct correlation with growth. Successful brokers know that an effective recruitment and retention strategy is absolutely essential to realizing their growth potential. While some brokers have the means to invest heavily in tools, services and systems to support this effort, others may not be in a position to do so – at least not to the same extent. Instead, they are constantly on the lookout for cost-effective means to the same end; but can low cost recruitment strategies be as effective?

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How Technology Can Help You Recruit (& Save Your Sanity)

Posted by Karim Kassam on 2/7/19 2:42 PM

Every broker's recruitment process tends to have its own unique way of attracting, selecting, and hiring agents. It is both a critically important and time-consuming task. Technology can support this process and help build relationships between brokers and prospective agents. It can also resolve some of the biggest recruitment challenges brokers face, resulting in a more efficient and effective process overall. 

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Nine Principles of Designing Profitable Compensation Programs

Posted by Peter Mueller, CEO of The Profit Centre on 1/31/19 5:00 PM

Before designing a compensation program it is important to first identify who your customer truly is before you start recruiting. I believe that many Brokers do not have a defined outline of the REALTOR® they want to attract. Given the challenges of recruitment, Brokers tend to be seduced by the physiological win of a new heartbeat as opposed to being focused on acquiring the right REALTOR®. The result is often the development of compensation programs designed to attract them on price.

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