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Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 11/22/18 3:24 PM
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In order to run a profitable real estate brokerage, Brokers need to know and understand the metrics that impact the bottom line. Only then can they make profit predictable and set themselves up for long-term growth. Also, knowing how your financial metrics compare with others is invaluable when making strategic financial and operational decisions - especially if you're contemplating a merger, acquisition or exit strategy. However, many Brokers don’t know where to access accurate data to compare with or they question the reliability of the data they do have.

For the past six years, iBroker partner, The Profit Centre, has been helping Brokers improve their profitability by conducting a one-of-a-kind business evaluation called The Brokerage Profit Analysis. Over 600 offices throughout North America have benefited from this assessment. Peter Mueller, Founder of The Profit Centre, has leveraged the data obtained through these engagements to establish industry benchmarks and comparative insights. A summary of Peter's findings have recently been published in The Brokerage Benchmark & Averages Report.

DOWNLOAD THE REPORT by The Profit Centre to discover key industry metrics you'll want to be aware of, such as:

  • The average gross profit per agent 
  • The average net profit per agent 
  • The average total expense per agent

This data can then be used to inform future business decisions.

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*This report is based on the findings of 373 North American offices over the past five years.

We're Better Together 

Peter Mueller

iBroker, the simplified back office management application powered by GryphTech, has partnered with Peter Mueller of The Profit Centre, a leading business evaluation company. This partnership offers Brokers the real-time insights needed to run an efficient and profitable business by bringing together financial, operational and analytical tools.  

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