GryphTech Enters Market for Brokerage Back Office Software

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 1/2/18 1:09 PM
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As seen featured in the latest issue of REM Magazine...

GryphTech, a real escarlos.jpgtate data and franchise software firm, has entered the North American brokerage market with iBroker back office management software.

It says it has integrations in place with QuickBooks Online, dotloop and SkySlope, and the company says DocuSign will also sign on soon.

Brokers don’t want to be tied to a sole company’s stand alone back office or accounting product,” the company says in a news release. “iBroker allows brokers to have real estate specific back office management software while integrating all accounting needs and G/L entries with the industry gold-standard, QuickBooks Online. It makes everything for the office simpler to operate and gives brokers the opportunity to hire administrative staff that fits their brokerage needs versus their software demands.

Dotloop founder and general manager Austin Allison says, “Partnering with iBroker was a natural move. We are always on the lookout for intuitive technology from credible companies that will improve the productivity, efficiency and accuracy of transactions. Our integration with iBroker serves our goal of creating a collaborative real estate ecosystem that helps brokers and agents get more deals done.

Optimizing productivity and improving accuracy is something we all talk about. For SkySlope, integrating with iBroker makes it happen for all of our shared customers,” says Tyler Smith, CEO SkySlope.

The company says GryphTech has not been a highly visible brand to North American brokerages to date, but the software has been “the system of record for franchise and regional office management, reporting and listing needs globally. By example,, featuring hundreds of thousands of listings in 40 different languages, is powered by GryphTech. Many franchises have been able to grow aggressively into international markets with the GryphTech technology as their foundation,” the company says.

“Building a new platform for real estate with 20 years of experience allows us to innovate and deliver key integrations quickly for our customers, versus having to rebuild an old and dated program,” says Carlos Matias, CEO of GryphTech and creator of iBroker. “One of our top priorities is investing in technology that simplifies the way brokers do business.”

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