This Broker lost all his data. See what he did next...

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 6/4/19 3:50 PM
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Can you imagine losing ALL of your brokerage data?

How would you be able to continue business? Would you know how to troubleshoot a solution? It's certainly a nightmare that no Broker wants to experience. Unfortunately, this happened to Cameron Keegan, a well-respected and successful Broker/Owner in Simpsonville, SC.

For three years since opening, the RE/MAX Moves brokerage had used a popular back office software solution. Over time, Keegan grew increasingly frustrated with the software’s performance, over-complicated interface, and poor technical support. This all came to an end when the business suffered a COMPLETE DATA LOSS in the desktop-based system. Failure of the on-premise hardware solution resulted in the loss of a few months’ worth of essential data. Unfortunately, Keegan had to pay a considerable amount of money to retrieve it and it was a long and drawn-out process.

iBroker to the rescue

That event was the catalyst for Keegan to seek out alternative software. After carefully evaluating three alternative software solutions, he selected iBroker by GryphTech Inc. Since implementation, Keegan said "it's like night and day". Read more about Cameron's story.

Cameron Keegan“iBroker's user-friendliness is leaps and bounds ahead of all the other competitors we evaluated...We wouldn't have been able to run multiple offices so successfully if it weren't for the switch to iBroker."
Cameron Keegan, Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Moves

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