Seven Industry Leaders Weigh-In on The Best Low Cost Recruitment Tactics [Free Download]

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 2/28/19 3:32 PM
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At iBroker, we understand the multitude of challenges facing brokerages today. Recruiting and retaining agents is certainly one of the most important, given the direct correlation with growth. Successful brokers know that an effective recruitment and retention strategy is absolutely essential to realizing their growth potential. While some brokers have the means to invest heavily in tools, services and systems to support this effort, others may not be in a position to do so – at least not to the same extent. Instead, they are constantly on the lookout for cost-effective means to the same end; but can low cost recruitment strategies be as effective?

Leaders Weigh-In on The Best Tactics

We reached out to seven industry experts for their advice, including Peter Mueller - Founder & CEO of The Profit Centre, Tyler Smith - Founder & CEO of SkySlope, Shami Sandhu - President of Realty ONE Group of Western Canada, the executive leadership at dotloop, Aiman Attar - Co-Founder of AGENTC, Thomas Williams - Founder of The Milestone Group, and our very own Robert Love - Head of Training & Communications at GryphTech. We asked each of them to respond to this ONE question:

“What is the most effective recruitment tactic
that doesn’t break the bank?”

We received a number of insightful tips and compiled them into a free resource that you can leverage. Among all the ideas shared, four common themes emerged:

  1. Invest in the right technology
  2. Leverage social media
  3. Enhance your online presence, and
  4. Optimize your value proposition

Download the entire compilation of ideas from our experts in the Free Insight Report by iBroker.

iBroker Resource - The Best Low Cost Recruitment Tactics

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