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Translating the Power of a Franchise to Your Brokerage

Posted by Robert Love on 9/25/17 4:24 PM

Indie or franchise? There are reasons to go either way as a broker -- but if you’ve decided to establish yourself as an independent broker, then having the freedom to choose how you’ll operate, hire, market and bill as a brokerage is probably important to you.

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Topics: Reduce Overhead, Office Management, Streamline Billing, Real Estate Software, RE/MAX

Three Benefits to Investing in an Effective Back Office Management Solution

Posted by Robert Love on 7/26/17 1:01 PM

Managing your back office is a difficult proposition at best. Negotiated commission plans with tiers, fees, caps, and date sensitive exceptions are becoming the norm for offices that want to recruit top notch talent. Add teams to the equation and the complexity compounds even further.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. On top of crazy commission plans, offices still need to track transactions, invoice agents every month, keep up to date with AR and manage all office/agent expenses. The challenges faced by the modern real estate office are many, but the right solution can have a transformative effect on your business. Below are three very important reasons you should consider adopting a comprehensive back office solution.

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Topics: Reduce Overhead, Comprehensive Dashboard, Office Management, Teams, Streamline Billing