Who's Running Your Business - You or Your Software?

Posted by Jocelynne Haslett on 7/26/17 12:58 PM
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Is your profitability tied to your ability to use a certain type of software? Spending too much time buried in Excel spreadsheets or complex applications? Prefer to spend time on money-making activities? Is your software defining your business by needing to hire a specialized skill set to manage it? 

If you are answering "yes" to these questions, you are not alone. Many Broker/Owners are eager to take back the reins from their software, and re-focus on what they do best - grow their business!  Consider Cameron Keegan's story. You may relate:

RE/MAX Moves switches to iBroker and Boosts Office Productivity

Successful real estate brokerage, RE/MAX Moves, experienced an increasing number of challenges with its back office financial management solution, including a significant loss of data, time and money. Once iBroker, an alternative cloud-based solution, was put in place, the return on investment grew substantially. Learn how Broker/Owner, Cameron Keegan, optimized business processes by making the switch to iBroker.

“We wouldn't have been able to run multiple offices so successfully if it weren't for the switch to iBroker."  Cameron Keegan, Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Moves

The Challenges

For three years since opening the brokerage, RE/MAX Moves has used a popular back
office software solution. Over time, Keegan grew increasingly frustrated with the software’s performance, over-complicated interface, and poor technical support. This all came to an end when the business suffered a complete data loss in the desktop-based system. Failure of the on-premise hardware solution resulted in the loss of a few months’ worth of essential data. Keegan had to pay a considerable amount of money to retrieve it and it was a long and drawn-out process, requiring him to take resources off other tasks to focus on it. That event was the catalyst for Keegan to re-evaluate the software choice and seek alternatives.

The Solution

Keegan carefully evaluated three alternative software solutions and selected iBroker by GryphTech. He selected iBroker for four primary reasons:
1) intuitive and easy to use interface,
2) cloud-based solution,
3) mobile-friendly responsive design, and
4) cost-effectiveness.
Since implementation, Keegan says... 
"It’s like night and day. With iBroker, our time is spent growing the business, not managing our software."

The Return on Investment

Not only does the cloud-based solution offer Keegan peace of mind that the company data is safe and secure, the intuitive and responsive design offers accessibility they couldn’t enjoy before. “I can easily close a transaction on my phone if I need to and it only takes a few seconds”, says Keegan. “iBroker offers us the return we were looking for. The integration with QuickBooks Online makes our workflow much more streamlined and the technical support is excellent”.

About iBroker

iBroker is a powerful and comprehensive brokerage application designed to optimize
finance and back office operations. Simple. Easy to use. Cloud-based. Mobile friendly. Everything you need, nothing you don't. Visit goibroker.com or call 416.616.6723 to learn more and request a demo.


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