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Are You Tracking for Success?

When it comes to business planning, real estate brokers often focus most of their effort on developing the sales side of their businesses dismissing the rest. When evaluating a business however, you should not only consider revenue growth. You need to track the overall performance of your business. There are certain metrics that should be tracked ongoing to effectively inform business strategy and be set up for long-term success. For some, this can be an overwhelming process as there are so many things that need to be looked at.

Download The 8 Key Metrics Every Broker Should be Tracking Infographic (instant download above) or learn more about how iBroker and The Profit Centre can help you run an efficient and profitable business.

iBroker - The Powerful & Easy to Use Office Management Solution

From payments to deposits, agent billing, check printing and general ledger postings, iBroker offers effective and efficient financial management. Intuitive workflows capture every detail of a transaction and automated agent and transaction management allow commission distribution, referral fees, desk fees or any other fees to be instantly calculated. Integrations with leading industry software further streamlines an administrator’s workflow, saving valuable time and ensuring data accuracy across applications. No double entry!

iBroker Features

Listing inventory management

Transaction management

Flexible commission plans and payouts

Automated agent billing

Records payments and deposits

Generates the reports you need

Integrations with leading software,
     i.e. QuickBooks Online, dotloop, and Skylope

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